Music has always been a vital part of worship and praise. God has blessed our church with people who have musical ability and a willingness to use their gifts for His glory and service.


The choir ministers regularly throughout the school year. It also presents a Christmas musical and an Easter musical. Children participate in many of our seasonal presentations. Soloists and instrumentalist round out our music ministry.


We minister in music by playing and singing Christ-honoring music in our services. Worship is the central focus of every believer’s life and the motivation for our acts of service to God. We are His dwelling place, and we strive to minister through music that will both magnify Him and minister to our hearts.  Our music ministries are varied and provide not only a blessing to those listening but also opportunities for individuals to develop their musical talents for the Lord. Many of our members and children participate or serve in one or more of our music ministries


Good Christian music can be purchased from the following web sites:

Majesty Music & Patch the Pirate

SMS - Sacred Music Services

The Wilds


Andrew Locke is our choir director.