RU Recovery ministry

Friday Nights at 7:00 - 9:00 PM 

Breaking the Chains of Addiction

We are here to help.

Find Individual & Family Support.

RU is a faith-based recovery program designed to help those struggling with stubborn habits and addictions.  Join the thousands around the world who are "breaking the chains" of addiction today.

recovery without relapse

The national relapse rate for addiction is nearly 80%.  In Reformers Unanimous, the success rate for victory over addiction is more than 82%.  RU focuses not on the addition, but on the underlying causes that bring about this behavior.  Come discover real recovery without relapse!

You can be more than sober--you can be free from the bondage!

Let the truth make you free...finally!


GREAT TEACHING: Each RU meeting includes teaching on biblical behavior modification and how to have victory over your struggle and/or addiction.

BIBLICAL COUNSELING AVAILABLE: Small groups are an important part of each RU meeting. This is a personal accountability. Each group is led by leadership staff who are trained to work with each person individually.

STORIES OF VICTORY: Local RU chapters give students an opportunity to share how God is changing their lives. This is an awe-inspiring time that brings much excitement!

CHILDREN'S PROGRAMS: We provide clean, loving nurseries at no cost to you.

RECOVERY MATERIAL: Many resources are available to help you in your recovery including workbooks, audio/video materials, journals, and a variety of books suited for your needs! 

RU Recovery Ministries International