Awana Clubs

Awana = Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed / 2 Timothy 2:15

Wednesday Evenings at 6:30 PM 

Our Awana Clubs are for children in Kindergarten—Sixth grade.

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Letter to parents regarding Awana Club expenses, and printable registration form.

COVID-19 -- Parents, it is your decision if you want your child to wear a mask.  We have masks available.

GAME TIME — Every Awana meeting starts off in high gear, with team and individual competition. Dozens of organized games get everyone’s participation, unleashing natural energy and enthusiasm. You may have

noticed the four colored square and circle in our Fellowship Hall. This is used for the Awana games.

HANDBOOK TIME — Using achievement oriented learning segments. Awana training emphasizes the importance of God’s Word for sound living. Clubbers progress through handbooks written for their age, working individually and together with their leaders.

COUNCIL TIME — This is a general session for everyone. It’s a quality time for group Bible study, followed by awards and recognition for individual handbook progress and for points scored in team play.

The Awana Grand Prix is a highlight of our club year.  Children may participate by purchasing a car from our club.  We hold two workshop during which parents and Awana Staff help the children design and build their cars.  Trophies are awarded for best in design and speed in various age groups.  

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Awana Missionaries Gary & Sharon Goodrow

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Awana Directors

Andrew and Alissa Locke are our Awana Directors.  Andrew leads the T&T Club.  Alissa leads the Sparks Club.